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We have a huge amount of expertise in SEIS and EIS.

We advise a wide range of companies from very early stage companies to much more established companies. We also advise investors on their SEIS/EIS investments and advise on the contractual protection they may want to take from the investee company.

The issues around SEIS and EIS are highly complex and we are expert in the legislation, the pitfalls and HMRC attitudes to various points. Good, high quality advice is critical in order to avoid issues with SEIS/EIS investments and our clients benefit from our decades of experience.

We deal with all aspects of SEIS/EIS including:-

  • advising companies on their qualification status;
  • drafting and submitting advance assurance applications;
  • reviewing advance subscription arrangements from an SEIS/EIS perspective;
  • ensuring the Articles and investment documentation are drafted in an SEIS/EIS compliant way;
  • advising investors and companies on contractual protections required in investment agreements;
  • advising on the impact of group structuring/business reorganisations on existing EIS/SEIS so that where possible existing relief can be preserved;
  • preparing SEIS 1/EIS 1 forms.