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Employee Share Incentives

We work with many companies and executives in order to design and implement share incentive arrangements. We advise on all types of share scheme including EMI options, CSOPs, unapproved options and growth shares. We have decades of experience of advising on these sorts of arrangements and work with our clients to find the structure which best works for their businesses.

Our services include:-

  • advising on the type of share incentive a company may want to offer (taking into account its commercial objectives and whether or not the company qualifies for EMI options, which will usually be the preferred route);
  • advising on the commercial terms of share incentives – we work with the company to find the best way of structuring the share incentives to best achieve its commercial objectives;
  • implementation of the share incentives – we will draft the award documentation and do all things necessary for the company to make the award of the share incentives;
  • HMRC reporting and filing (in particular with EMI options this is critical);
  • we are not valuers but we work with our clients to agree share values with HMRC for the purposes of EMI options;
  • advising executives on share incentive terms proposed by their employer companies.