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Advising Law Firms

Our law firm clients benefit from access to 7 very experienced tax lawyers which means that the law firms are able to provide their clients with a tax offering which has the breadth and depth of a large national or City firm. We have the capacity to ensure that deals can always be covered at short notice and that the law firm can place full reliance on our ability to deliver.

We are used to working alongside corporate lawyers and property lawyers to provide the end client with a seamless service so that the clients feels like they are being advised by one team.

We provide as much or as little transactional support as is required on any transaction. We can negotiate the tax covenant and tax warranties directly with the other side or we can work behind the scenes – whatever works best on any particular transaction.

We also help law firms win work by enabling them to offer tax as part of their service, contributing towards pitch documents and attending pitches.

We work with law firms to provide employee share incentive advice, including EMI options, to their clients. We confirm the qualification status of the client company and we make sure the incentives are implemented correctly. We see countless cases where companies have not been properly advised and the failure to implement EMI options properly causes huge problems on exit for these companies.

We find that, being lawyers, our corporate and property lawyer clients appreciate that we speak their language and that we can sign off on documentation, as well as providing any necessary tax drafting.

We also provide regular updates on tax matters which are very relevant to corporate and property lawyers.