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Tax Bite - Share buybacks - Update

Tax Bite – Share buybacks – Update A company purchase of own shares, or buyback, is a popular way of implementing corporate succession, but is not without tax challenges and risks. Corporate lawyers will be familiar with the company law rule that a buyback cannot include deferred consideration. Most will also be aware of the basic tax rule that the proceeds of a buyback from an individual (above...

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Loans to Participators - wider than you might expect

In this Tax Bite, we look very briefly the often-overlooked loans to participators rules. These rules are something to be aware of whenever you are dealing with a close company, which in broad terms is a company that is controlled by five or fewer “participators” (i.e. shareholders and their associates). If a close company makes a loan to a participator, and the loan remains outstanding 9 months...

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Employee Ownership Trusts

Tax Bite - Employee Ownership Trusts The Employee Ownership Trust (“EOT”) legislation was introduced in 2014. Since the news of a possible rise in CGT rates at some point in the relatively near future, more business owners have been looking to achieve an exit and as a result EOTs are currently on a lot of people’s radars. As a headline, the CGT relief afforded to shareholders is hard to ignore –...

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Section 431 Elections

Tax Bite – Section 431 Elections In this Tax Bite, we give you a refresher on section 431 elections, with a focus on practical points and tips for transactions. Background – what are s431 elections and what do they do? Almost all shares acquired by a director (including a non-executive director) or employee of a company will be employment-related securities for tax purposes, bringing them within...

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Temporary extension to trading loss carry-back rules - implications for deals

Tax Bite – Temporary extension to trading loss carry-back rules – implications for deals We noted in a previous Tax Bite that the Spring Budget on 3 March 2021 included proposals for a temporary increase in the carry-back period for trading losses in response to the impact upon businesses of the COVID-19 pandemic. In certain circumstances the carry back period has been extended to the three...

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Stamp Duty on inserting a new Holding Company

Tax Bite – Stamp Duty on inserting a new holding company This Tax Bite follows on from our Bite of 24 June, covering topical tax issues on demergers. As we explained in that Bite, there is a stamp duty relief, known as section 77 relief, which can apply where a new holding company is placed on top of an existing company / group, which is typically the first step in a demerger or other...

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Spring Budget 2021 Tax Bite

Tax Bite – Spring 2021 Budget The Budget delivered yesterday did not produce any of the immediate tax shocks that had been feared in light of the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the country’s finances. In particular, no immediate increases in tax rates were announced, and business asset disposal relief (previously entrepreneurs’ relief), whilst having been severely curtailed in the 2020...

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No Autumn Budget - what does that mean for CGT?

There was no Autumn Budget this year so it is now likely that any major tax changes will not be announced until 2021. This seems like welcome news for those rushing to get deals done ahead of the Budget in case of increases to the rates of CGT. However we would sound a note of caution in that the Chancellor’s CGT review is ongoing and is covering many areas including:- • chargeable gains on...

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Relief for Bad Loans

As the country faces economic uncertainty, which may mean some businesses look to restructure or refinance their debts, we thought it would be helpful to outline the rules around when individuals and trustees can get tax relief for debts that may be, or become, irrecoverable. We will not touch on lending between companies in this Bite, which was the subject of a recent Tax Bite and is available...

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EMI Options and Covid-19

With all businesses more focussed at this time on cash reserves and potentially faced with having to make difficult decisions about their people, we are finding that companies are thinking about EMI options and the ability to reward employees with equity based awards. They are being used as an alternate remuneration strategy for example to compensate staff for temporarily taking a lower salary or...

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Stamp Duty and Covid-19

HMRC have introduced new temporary, emergency processes around stamping documents as a result of coronavirus measures, which new processes will remain in force until these measures end – although it is not clear at this stage what is meant by that. What it does mean is that with immediate effect HMRC will not be physically stamping documents and the new processes, summarised below, should be used...

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Protecting Assets within a Group

Companies with valuable property (or other) assets sat in their trading companies should consider reorganising their structure to try to ring-fence these valuable assets from trading risk. If there is already a group structure, then it should be relatively straightforward to transfer assets to achieve this commercial aim. There are some tax points to consider before doing so, not least VAT and...

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