Blog: Tax and Covid-19

Relief for Bad Loans

As the country faces economic uncertainty, which may mean some businesses look to restructure or refinance their debts, we thought it would be helpful to outline the rules around when individuals and trustees can get tax relief for debts that may be, or become, irrecoverable. We will not touch on lending between companies in this Bite, which was the subject of a recent Tax Bite and is available...

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Stamp Duty and Covid-19

HMRC have introduced new temporary, emergency processes around stamping documents as a result of coronavirus measures, which new processes will remain in force until these measures end – although it is not clear at this stage what is meant by that. What it does mean is that with immediate effect HMRC will not be physically stamping documents and the new processes, summarised below, should be used...

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Protecting Assets within a Group

Companies with valuable property (or other) assets sat in their trading companies should consider reorganising their structure to try to ring-fence these valuable assets from trading risk. If there is already a group structure, then it should be relatively straightforward to transfer assets to achieve this commercial aim. There are some tax points to consider before doing so, not least VAT and...

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Covid-19 and Debt Restructuring

One of the inevitable consequences of the economic downturn resulting from the Covid-19 crisis is that many companies will need to take steps to restructure debts. This Tax Bite very briefly highlights some of the most important tax points to be aware of on common debt restructuring actions, and some consequences companies may not have thought of. • General rule – debt waivers are taxable – where...

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Top 10 Tax Points for Companies During the Coronavirus Crisis

We are getting an increased number of enquiries about EMI options, sometimes linked with a salary sacrifice. Companies are hoping to agree low values with HMRC as a result of the economic uncertainty (we will update you once we have seen how HMRC are responding to these valuation submissions) and we have also seen companies wanting to reduce salaries in return for EMI options – this raises some...

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