Top 10 SEIS/EIS Pitfalls

SEIS/EIS remains a very powerful tool for attracting investors and de-risking their investment to an extent. SEIS offers a 50% relief and EIS offers a 30% relief - this means that an amount equal to 50%/30% (as applicable) of the amount invested can be set against the investor’s income tax bill. If the investment is not successful and losses are made, the losses (less any relief claimed) can be...

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Future Fund

The Government has announced further details of the Future Fund which opens today. It is disappointing news for companies and investors who were hoping that the matched investment could be through SEIS/EIS share subscriptions. It has been confirmed that the scheme will only apply to match convertible loans made by investors which of course means that SEIS/EIS share subscriptions will not qualify...

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